QuestionCan I continue to use * as a wildcard?
AnswerNo, you cannot use * as a wildcard anymore. However, you can search with just the beginning characters of a name. For example, you can search offenders whose last name is “Smith” by entering just “sm”.

QuestionWhy is a bar shown across the top of each page?
AnswerTo view the Oklahoma Sex Offender system, your web browser must support JavaScript and the HTML 4.0 and CSS 1.0 standards. The following browsers meet this requirement: * Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (Windows only) * Firefox 1.0 or higher

QuestionWhy do I have to reduce my radius parameter when searching in dense areas?
AnswerThere is a size limit to the number of offenders that may be returned from the database for mapping purposes.

QuestionHow can I unregister my email address from the Oklahoma Sex Offender Notification System?
AnswerYou can either click on the link in the email you received or you can go to the Notification tab in the Oklahoma Sex Offender System and unsubscribe.

QuestionWhat should I do when my account is locked?
AnswerIf your account is locked, please call any of the following numbers: 405-425-2872, 405-425-7069, 405-425-7067.

QuestionWhy do I have to login multiple times throughout the day?
AnswerFor security reasons, if there is no activity after 10 minutes, you will be prompted to login again.

QuestionWhy do some offenders not have photos?
AnswerPhotos may take 24-48 hours to upload after approval from the concerned department.

QuestionWhy do some names in the search result not match the exact name I searched for?
AnswerThese offenders in the search result have aliases that match the name you searched.

QuestionWhom do I contact if my account is Locked?
AnswerAccount management and related issues are handled by DOC management. You can also email them at osor@doc.state.ok.us